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Good morning, everyone, and how are you today? We are doing just fine, thank you, now that the Pharmalot campus has settled down. Our short person is hunched over a laptop, the official mascot is bounding through snow drifts and, best of all, our plumbing is working again. This calls for a celebratory cup of stimulation — vanilla caramel cream, in fact. Feel free to join us. Remember, no prescription is required. Meanwhile, here are some fresh tidbits. Hope your day goes well, and do stay in touch. …

A study released this week suggested that a vaccine developed by AstraZeneca (AZN) and Oxford University not only protected clinical trial participants from developing disease, but also may significantly reduce transmission of the virus. In the recent burst of data on Covid-19 vaccines, that suggestion stood out. Media reports seized on a reference in the paper that a single dose cut positive test results by 67%. But the paper, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, does not prove or even claim that — although it hints at the possibility, STAT explains.

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