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Hello, everyone, and how are you this morning? Some puffy clouds are hovering over the Pharmalot campus, but our spirits remain sunny. After all, as the Morning Mayor used to say, “Every new day should be unwrapped like a precious gift.” So while you tug on the ribbon, we will concoct another cup of needed stimulation. You are, of course, invited to join us. Remember, no prescription is required. Our choice today, for those who care, is butter pecan — smooth and sweet. And now, on to the day. Here are a few tidbits to ease the way. Hope you meet with success and do stay in touch …

Biogen (BIIB) expects to make billions from its newly approved Alzheimer’s drug, but will not be the only one making money: The complex brain scans that help doctors decide whether a patient is a good fit for the pricey therapy will also bring in money for PET scan manufacturers and imaging drug makers, STAT explains. If the use of those scans skyrockets, it’ll open up a new market for the companies that make the machines and the drug companies that manufacture the imaging drugs needed for those screenings.


European Union governments have supported a plan to extend a mechanism to monitor and potentially limit the export of Covid-19 vaccines from the bloc, Reuters tells us. The decision paves the way for the European Commission to formally extend in the coming days the extraordinary mechanism until the end of September, which would otherwise expire at the end of June. The commission established the mechanism at the end of January in a bid to curb exports of vaccines by drug makers deemed not to have respected supply commitments with the EU.

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