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E-book Library Rapid advances in remote patient monitoring

Rapid advances in remote patient monitoring

Underwritten by Koneksa

Thanks to rapid advances in technology and significant investment, the field of remote patient monitoring, or RPM, has expanded dramatically in recent years. Now, the Covid-19 pandemic has provided an unprecedented opportunity for companies to prove their devices can make care more convenient, cheaper, or more effective. But these companies face several key tests, as well. Can their technologies improve patient outcomes, or meet the same standards as traditional care at a lower cost? And how will they earn the trust — and backing — of payers, regulators, and patients?

Our latest eBook examines the explosive growth of this new field, and the questions it raises about the future of health care.

Publication date: April 2021

Print length: 41 pages

File size: 7.5 MB

File format: PDF

Language: English

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About the sponsor

About the sponsor

Koneksa is a leading patient-centric digital biomarker company for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries that develops end-to-end solutions for remotely collected clinical data. We help produce more meaningful data in clinical research by delivering integrated solutions for efficient trial designs that collect data in real-world settings.