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Pharmalittle: FDA approves a medicine to combat ALS; Medicare drug-price talks are poised to become a legal battle

The FDA approved a new medicine for ALS from Amylyx Pharmaceuticals, providing a desperately needed new treatment option.

Pharmalittle: GSK picks its first female CFO; Pfizer advances Omicron booster for kids

GSK appointed Julie Brown, formerly of Burberry, to serve as its chief financial officer, the company's first female CFO.

Pfizer accused of running a fellowship program that discriminates on racial grounds

“In short, I think these are desperate and likely futile attempts to press a social objection that has no legal basis,” said Stacy Hawkins, a Rutgers Law School professor.

FDA authorizes Pfizer and Moderna Covid boosters targeted against Omicron strains

The FDA authorized new Covid booster shots from Moderna and Pfizer that more closely match the strains of the coronavirus that are currently circulating in the U.S.

For the ‘godfather’ of biotech, saving Biogen is the final act of a singular career

In the history of the global pharmaceutical industry, there have been many big thinkers, brash visionaries, and billionaire disruptors. But there has only ever been one Godfather.

With Pfizer deal, Global Blood CEO sees opportunity to reach sickle cell patients globally

The $5.4 billion acquisition of Global Blood Therapeutics by Pfizer was sealed with a phone call and a commitment to reach patients with sickle cell disease wherever in the world they live.

Pharmalittle: Teva asks U.S. Supreme Court to review skinny labeling; European Commission rebuked for Pfizer texts

Teva Pharmaceuticals is taking a long-running battle over generic drug labeling to the U.S. Supreme Court.

STAT announces fourth annual 2022 STAT Summit

2022 STAT Summit to feature Pfizer Chairman & CEO, Albert Bourla, Merck Executive Chairman, Ken Frazier, and Eli Lilly Chair & CEO, Dave Ricks BOSTON, MA – Today, STAT, the nation’s must-read health, science, and medicine publication, is proud to announce the 2022 STAT Summit. The two-day, in-person event will take place on November 15-16,…

2022 STAT Summit

Nov 15 & 16Boston#STATSummit Register nowView Speakers About From trials to triumph: healing medicine's ailments A multi-year pandemic has brought no end of trials, but also plenty of triumphs. Come for a silo-breaking and solution-focused discussion of the most important topics in health care with some of the industry's greatest minds. Join the program virtually,…

Pfizer’s Paxlovid study fails to answer key questions over benefit for broader populations

Pfizer said a much-watched study of its antiviral Paxlovid in patients who have Covid but don’t have risk factors for severe disease failed to show a benefit in speeding alleviation of Covid symptoms, but did seem to prevent doctor’s visits and hospitalizations.

Coronavirus hasn’t developed resistance to Paxlovid. How long can that last?

“At some point, there will be Paxlovid-resistant virus," said Adam Lauring, who studies RNA virus evolution at the University of Michigan. "Whether that clinically becomes a problem or not, it’s hard to say.”

Pfizer will sell its patent-protected medicines and vaccines to poor countries at low prices

In an ambitious move to widen access to its medical products, Pfizer said it plans to provide nearly two dozen patent-protected medicines and vaccines at not-for-profit prices to 45 poor countries.

As reports of ‘Paxlovid rebound’ increase, Covid researchers scramble for answers

Early on, clinicians ruled out the most concerning possibility for Paxlovid rebound: that the virus was evolving resistance to the drug, a prospect that could undermine the treatment before it even had time to take off.

Pfizer/BioNTech to seek Covid vaccine authorization for children under age 5

With three doses, the vaccine was well tolerated, induced a strong immune response, and was 80.3% effective at preventing Covid infections

National Institutes of Health licenses nearly a dozen Covid-19 technologies to a WHO program

The NIH has agreed to license nearly a dozen technologies to a WHO program created to boost access to Covid-19 treatments, vaccines, and diagnostics.

Pharma showers John Thune with campaign cash

All told, Sen. John Thune raked in more than $35,000 from pharmaceutical companies in February.

Pharmalittle: Abortion pill demand may rise if Roe v Wade is overturned; U.S. lawmakers move toward revamping accelerated approval

The end of a national right to abortion could trigger a surge of interest in abortion pills by mail, a method that has become popular in states that already restrict the procedure.

Pharmalittle: Biogen is perilously poised for the future; WTO advances controversial Covid-vaccine patent waiver

Biogen, a stalwart of the global drug industry for the past four decades, is perilously poised for 2022, with its best hope for growth another risky Alzheimer's therapy.

How Paxlovid came to be: From the germ of an idea to a vital tool against Covid

The story of Paxlovid is a reminder that the path from a biological idea to a useable medicine depends on thousands of decisions, any of which can result in the medicine not making it.

Pfizer faces criticism for arguing that intellectual property for its Covid-19 pill is a human right

“Using the claim of a human rights violation to prevent equitable access to its Covid medicines is neither ethical nor responsible."

Covid-19 vaccine policy should be made by public health experts, not company executives

What is now happening recapitulates some of the events of last summer and fall, when company executives drove the narrative that a third mRNA vaccine dose was essential for all Americans.

Pfizer inks deal with UNICEF to supply Covid pill to poor countries, but advocates say it isn’t enough

“It’s better than nothing, but it’s worryingly small numbers and hardly calls for a salutary reaction toward Pfizer,” said Peter Maybarduk of Public Citizen.

Pharmalittle: Bankruptcy court judge OKs Purdue settlement; U.S. Senate revives legislation to curb insulin costs

As the war in Ukraine has prompted an exodus of international companies from Russia, drug companies said they would continue manufacturing and selling their products there.

White House transparency disputes imperil funds to buy Covid therapeutics

Disputes over the White House’s lack of transparency are imperling its efforts to get more Covid-19 money — and the budget crunch is more severe than the administration has let on.

Pfizer made Trump’s vaccine push harder than it needed to be, former Warp Speed official alleges in new book

“Of all the companies in which we invested, Pfizer was both the least transparent and least collaborative,” a former Operation Warp Speed official writes in a new book.

Albert Bourla

The Greek-born Bourla took the reins as Pfizer’s CEO in January 2019, and barely had time to get settled in when the pandemic hit. Yet he has stepped up to meet the crisis like few others. Pfizer became the first drug maker to gain U.S. approval of an mRNA vaccine against Covid-19 in late 2020,…

Pfizer names new top development executive as Covid remakes the company

Pfizer, the company behind a Covid vaccine and a Covid pill, has named a new top development executive as Covid remakes the company.

Pharmalittle: Biogen sells stake in biosimilars business for $2.3 billion; Lilly gives up on a lucrative idea

Biogen is selling its stake in a biosimilars joint venture for $2.3 billion, adding to the company's cash reserves as investors clamor for M&A.

Pharmalittle: Pfizer and BioNTech start trial of Omicron-targeted vaccine; insulin makers boost lobbying spending

Pfizer and BioNTech have started a trial evaluating an adapted version of their Covid-19 vaccine targeting the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.