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Cue Health layoffs, HIPAA post-Roe, and AI’s race problem

In the latest edition of STAT Health Tech: Cue Health layoffs, HIPAA post-Roe, and AI's race problem.

How to train a clinical AI to predict bad health outcomes

In the latest edition of STAT Health Tech: how to train your AI to predict bad outcomes, the ripple effects of privacy laws, and digital health's notable leaders.

Cori Bargmann

Bargmann’s research on the neural circuits and behavior of C. elegans, the  tiny roundworm, has earned her numerous awards, including most recently the Salk Institute’s 2021 Medal for Research Excellence. But it’s arguably her job leading the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s science program that, some say, has made her one of the world’s most influential scientists.…

‘A multi-decade journey’: Chan Zuckerberg Initiative invests another $3.4 billion to advance scientific tools

"Our goal is to measure human biology in action,” Chan Zuckerberg Initiative co-founder Priscilla Chan told STAT.

How the pandemic has reshaped collaboration — and competition — in science

The pandemic showed the world what’s possible when scientists put collaboration first.

STAT+ Conversations: How the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is prioritizing its funding for the Covid-19 response

STAT's. Rebecca Robbins and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative's Cori Bargmann discuss the organization's latest efforts to combat Covid-19.  

Priscilla Chan charts an ambitious, unglamorous course to fight disease. (Her husband is involved, too.)

In the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, critics see a goodwill tour to distract from Facebook’s sins. Fans see a thoughtful effort to build scaffolding that will prove critical to advancing science.

In lofty quest to map human memories, a scientist journeys deep into the mind of a worm

Enthusiasts of mapping the human connectome imagine a future in which people could achieve a form of immortality by uploading their memories into robots. One scientist is starting on a much more modest mission.

How’s the Chan-Zuckerberg plan to cure disease going? It’s been ‘a roller coaster’

Neurobiologist Cori Bargmann runs the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, which aims to get every disease that afflicts humanity under control. It's a tall order.

This map will help biologists learn more about the human body than ever before

The Human Cell Atlas project, which aims to define all the cells in the human body based on the molecules they produce, could transform biology and medicine.

Trump in 30 Seconds: science and medicine in flux – Archive (April, May 2017)

Here's the latest on what the Trump presidency means for health, hospitals, drug companies, and medical research.

Trump’s proposed NIH funding cut not discussed at White House biotech meeting

The Trump administration's proposed cut to National Institutes of Health funding didn't come up during a White House meeting Monday attended by biotech executives.

New research effort taking the long view with Facebook founder’s $3 billion

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative aims to solve tough medical problems over generations, by combining biology and technology.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan announce $3 billion effort aimed at curing disease

The couple's new philanthropic organization will seek to bring scientists and engineers together and encourage the funding of basic science.

Obama’s big bet on science: It’s about far more than a cancer ‘moonshot’

The launch of the "moonshot" against cancer marked the third time in less than three years that Obama has launched a high-profile effort to solve a complex biomedical problem.

How to spend those Facebook billions? Experts offer some advice

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, have pledged billions toward curing disease and other projects. Experts offer advice on spending that fortune.