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Value-based payment has produced little value. It needs a time-out

It is time for proponents of value-based care to halt these programs until they have an answer to this question: "Why have the vast majority of value-based payment experiments failed to improve value?"

Making Medicare, Medicaid innovation tests voluntary undermines evaluation opportunities

Mandatory randomized evaluations of innovative Medicare and Medicaid programs ensure that the significant effort to develop them will yield the rigorous evidence needed to decide whether to scale and adopt them broadly.

CMMI’s Fowler on health policy’s ‘stubborn challenges,’ her personal ties to medicine

Liz Fowler’s career just came full circle: last March, she took charge of the health policy innovation center she crafted as a congressional staffer 12 years ago.

Elizabeth Fowler

Appointed director of the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation in March 2021, Fowler is in charge of behind-the-scenes efforts to shape Medicare payment models. She brings a wealth of experience to the table: She drafted and helped implement the Affordable Care Act under the Obama administration, then became vice president for global health policy…

Here’s how Biden can address high drug prices, without help from Congress

“We’ll see now whether drug pricing is a talking point, or an area in which the administration is willing to take meaningful action.”

The National Academy of Medicine’s climate crisis effort must turn words into action

If the National Academy of Medicine's climate crisis effort fail, it will give new meaning to the aphorism that the road to hell — here Hothouse Earth — is paved with good intentions.

2021 STAT Health Tech Summit

About Where health tech meets biotech Biology and technology are converging to change medicine. The 2021 STAT Health Tech Summit, brought attendees inside this transformation, with probing interviews, lively panels, and exciting demos. They heard from experts working at the intersection of tech and health care — at both Silicon Valley giants and upstarts just…

Trump’s making last-minute drug pricing reforms — and surprisingly, Democrats want Biden to keep the biggest one

A Biden campaign adviser says Trump’s last-minute drug pricing reform is a “blessing in disguise” for the president-elect.

‘We do belong here’: The scientist behind #BlackInNeuro hopes to transform a Twitter movement into a lasting community

Angeline Dukes launched #BlackInNeuro to connect with other Black scientists. Now she's working to build it into a lasting community.

Scientists scour the globe for a drug to kill deadly brain-eating amoeba

The first high-volume screening is being used to hunt for compounds that kill brain-eating amoeba N. fowleri, which is deadly in over 98 percent of cases.

The 27 best health and science books to read this summer

Got a vacation coming up but not sure what books to pack? STAT has you covered with a roundup of great reads in health, medicine, and the life sciences.

Uncertainty haunts parents of Flint, as every rash, every tantrum raises alarms

No one can tell the residents how much toxic lead their children have ingested. Or what it might do to their health.