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STATUS List Spotlight: Sisters Oni and Uché Blackstock talk about their mother and impactful moments in their careers

Drs. Uché and Oni Blackstock sit down with STAT's Nicholas St. Fleur to discuss their early life, impactful moments in their careers so far, and what's ahead.

Survey of “2022 STATUS List Spotlights Series – Oni and Uché Blackstock”

Thank you for your interest in STAT’s 2022 STATUS List Spotlights Series, featuring Oni and Uché Blackstock. You can find a recording of the event on our website here. If you were able to participate, please tell us what you thought by taking the quick survey below. We want to be sure we’re delivering insightful presentations that…

STATUS List Spotlights Series: Dr. Oni Blackstock & Dr. Uché Blackstock

In our STATUS List Spotlights series, we'll host conversations with some of the most impactful individuals in health, medicine, and science. First up we'll sit down with Dr. Uché Blackstock, Founder and CEO of Advancing Health Equity, and Dr. Oni Blackstock, MHS Founder & Executive Director of Health Justice.  Join us to understand their stories,…

STATUS List Spotlights Series

STATUS List Spotlights A Virtual Event Series There has never been a better time to recognize, and learn from, stand-out individuals in the life sciences. In our STATUS List Spotlights series, you’ll hear directly from members of our inaugural list. Join us to understand their stories, ask them questions about their work, and learn about…

Uché Blackstock

A former emergency medicine physician and twin sister of Oni, Blackstock crusades to raise rates of Covid-19 vaccine distribution and rapid testing in Black and Latino communities, while also pushing for free masks and federal, state, and local policies to broaden mask mandates. Citing a “fear of retaliation for being vocal about racism and sexism”…

What would the public health experts do? STAT asked 28 about their holiday plans amid Covid-19

Would you host a multigenerational Thanksgiving feast? What about fly outside the U.S. for a winter trip? 28 public health experts told STAT what they're comfortable with right now.

Listen: Revisiting Uché Blackstock on leaving academic medicine

[email protected]_blackstock joins this week's First Opinion Podcast to talk about her decision to leave academic medicine, a "green book" for prospective medical students, and more.

What’s safe to do during summer’s Covid surge? STAT asked public health experts about their own plans

STAT asked public health experts about whether they'd take part in various activities amid the Covid surge. Here's what they had to say.

STAT Announces Inaugural Breakthrough Science Summit to Explore Cutting-Edge Innovations in Health Care

This year’s Summit will feature expert voices from the FDA, leading pharmaceutical companies and other industry stakeholders BOSTON, MA – STAT, the nation’s must-read health, science, and medicine publication, recently announced that its inaugural 2021 STAT Breakthrough Science Summit will take place July 13-14. After a year that forced to innovation at unprecedented speed, the…

2021 STAT Breakthrough Science Summit

View Highlights About Come here for the cutting edge Technologies and procedures that would have been science fiction are now the reality of medicine. Our 2021 STAT Breakthrough Science Summit took attendees inside these innovations, examining how they're being developed, adopted, and paid for. We also explored the breakthroughs that haven't yet hit the market,…

Listen: Uché Blackstock on diversity in medicine, rejecting Harvard, and a ‘life-altering’ decision

[email protected]_blackstock joins this week's First Opinion Podcast to talk about her decision to leave academic medicine, a "green book" for prospective medical students, and more.

‘Then the world caved in’: 11 experts describe the day they realized Covid-19 was here to stay

'Then the world caved in': Experts describe the day they realized Covid-19 was here to stay.

After allegations of racism and sexism, some applicants remove Tulane from residency rankings

“I’m putting a lot on the line just to stand by my ideals,” said Farrah-Amoy Fullerton, who applied the pediatrics program at Tulane, but decided not to rank it.

Not trusting the FDA, Black doctors’ group creates panel to vet Covid-19 vaccines

As trust in federal health agencies has withered, a group of Black physicians has created its own expert task force to vet regulators’ decisions about Covid-19 drugs and vaccines.

Did disparities kill the king of Wakanda? Chadwick Boseman and changing landscape of colon cancer demographics

Chadwick Boseman's untimely death at age 43 creates an opportunity — an imperative — to call for better research, better screening, and better outcomes for colon cancer.

‘We’re flying blind’: African Americans may be bearing the brunt of Covid-19, but access to data is limited

The widening racial divide in who gets infected, who gets tested, and who dies from Covid-19 is emerging from the few cities and states whose data is public.

The Covid-19 crisis too few are talking about: health care workers’ mental health

Mental health can't be an afterthought in coping with a pandemic. It took far too long for us to start talking about how to protect health care workers physically. Let's talk about their mental health now — and do better this time.

Why Black doctors like me are leaving faculty positions in academic medical centers

It's ironic that Black faculty members are unfairly tasked with the complex and overwhelming chore of remedying the structural outcomes of centuries of institutionalized racism in medicine that they did not create.