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Pharmalittle: FDA panel urges revamped Covid boosters; White House to widen access to monkeypox vaccine

The Biden Administration will broaden availability of monkeypox vaccine as it attempts to contain a growing outbreak of the disease.

ARCH Venture Partners raises $3 billion fund to invest in biotech startups despite brutal stock downturn

The market for biotechnology stocks is ghastly, but ARCH Venture Partners, one of the largest and most prolific investors in early stage biotech startups, is doubling down.

Robert Nelsen

Frustrated by the lack of manufacturing capacity for biologic medicines made from cells, viruses, or genetic materials, West Coast venture industry legend Nelsen conceived National Resilience, which launched in 2020 with $800 million in capital. Last year, the company took over the hulking Genzyme/Sanofi plant in Allston, Mass., committed $30 million to stem-cell research at…

‘Nowhere to hide’: As biotech stocks plummet, an industry is being reshaped by the fallout

"We get so acclimated to these crazy valuations and think we’re entitled to them, and that’s not exactly the way the world works."

With $3 billion, Hal Barron and other biotech veterans launch a disease ‘reversal’ company

With $3 billion, some of the biggest names in biotech are launching a global company aimed at disease "reversal."

Moderna turns to biotech startup to ramp up Covid vaccine manufacturing

Moderna will turn to a biotech startup, National Resilience, to manufacture additional doses of its Covid-19 vaccine.

Amylyx is breaking all of biotech’s unwritten rules — and still raising impressive sums

If you want to raise big money in biotech, there are a few unwritten rules. Amylyx is breaking all of them — and somehow, the money’s still flowing in.

STAT Announces Inaugural Breakthrough Science Summit to Explore Cutting-Edge Innovations in Health Care

This year’s Summit will feature expert voices from the FDA, leading pharmaceutical companies and other industry stakeholders BOSTON, MA – STAT, the nation’s must-read health, science, and medicine publication, recently announced that its inaugural 2021 STAT Breakthrough Science Summit will take place July 13-14. After a year that forced to innovation at unprecedented speed, the…

2021 STAT Breakthrough Science Summit

View Highlights About Come here for the cutting edge Technologies and procedures that would have been science fiction are now the reality of medicine. Our 2021 STAT Breakthrough Science Summit took attendees inside these innovations, examining how they're being developed, adopted, and paid for. We also explored the breakthroughs that haven't yet hit the market,…

ARCH raises $1.85 billion fund, planning to back more big companies

ARCH Venture Partners, the venture capital firm known for its biotech investments, announced it had raised $1.85 billion for its latest fund, one of the largest ever in the industry.

Pharmalittle: AstraZeneca says its vaccine cuts Covid-19 risk by 70%; U.S. shots will ‘hopefully’ start within three weeks

Vaccinations against Covid-19 in the U.S. will “hopefully” start in less than three weeks, Moncef Slaoui, head of the government's Operation Warp Speed, said Sunday.

Raging at the pandemic, a VC raises $800M for a company that aims to transform biotech manufacturing

A venture capitalist has raised $800 million for a new company that aims to transform biotech and more efficiently manufacture treatments made from viruses, genetic material, or a patient’s own cells.

Antibody drugs could be one of the best weapons against Covid-19. But will they matter?

Antibody drugs could be one of the best weapons against Covid-19. But will they matter?

Biogen strikes $1 billion deal with Denali to advance Parkinson’s drug based on approach that was nearly abandoned

Biogen will pay more than $1 billion to the biotech firm Denali for rights to a Parkinson’s drug based on an approach that was nearly abandoned by the drug industry but that has since shown promise.

Big biotech venture funds raise billions despite coronavirus fears

These are difficult times. But two of the top biotech venture firms just raised a total of $2.6 billion to fund new startups.

Biotech VC Bob Nelsen called it right on the coronavirus. Now he has thoughts on therapeutics — and masks

One of biotech’s most successful venture capitalists was once cast as an alarmist on the coronavirus. He was right.

A ‘radical proposition’: A health care veteran tries to upend the system and bring drug prices down

Alexis Borisy, a health care veteran, believes he can invent and develop new drugs, and bring prices down.

In a rare political move, prominent biotech venture capitalists speak out against Pelosi’s drug pricing bill

Venture capitalists have typically avoided the political fray, but several are speaking out against Democrats’ drug pricing bill.

AI startups are racing into drug development. Here’s 5 burning questions about which will survive

AI startups are racing into drug development. Here’s five burning questions about which will survive.

A mysterious startup launched with an impossibly ambitious rallying cry. Now its plans are coming into focus

Sana Biotechnology's early code name, FD Therapeutics, hints at the buzzy startup's aggressive vision. Guess what it stands for.

In a surprise, Hans Bishop takes over as CEO of Grail, the liquid biopsy startup

Grail, the San Francisco company trying to develop a blood test to detect cancer, said it had appointed Hans Bishop, previously the CEO of Juno Therapeutics, as its new CEO

In a test for AI, a buzzy machine learning startup inks drug discovery deal with Gilead

The founder of the online education company Coursera is making a big bet on AI in drug development — and got the attention of big drug maker Gilead.

Vir vs. germageddon: Well-funded startup faces massive challenges

The world has a huge need for the products Vir hopes to generate, but the company will face massive challenges in its fight against antibiotic resistance.