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As Congress takes up FDA oversight of dietary supplements, a lobbying showdown looms

The five supplement groups in Washington all have very different — and very strong — feelings about the main bill being considered.

Vivek Murthy

In his second stint as surgeon general — he served under President Obama as well — Vivek Murthy has had to focus on a variety of pandemic-related issues, from fighting health misinformation to promoting Covid-19 mitigation strategies to the public to boosting the supply of Covid treatments. One particular concern: the acute mental health crisis…

‘The scientists, they’re learning more’: A defiant Biden defends the CDC amid mounting criticism

President Biden acknowledged Thursday that the CDC has struggled to communicate about Covid-19. But he blamed “the nature of the way diseases spread” — without granting that some of his administration's missteps have little to do with science.

The U.S. is at a Kasserine Pass moment for Covid leaders

Confidence in the country's Covid leadership is failing. President Biden needs to appoint a Supreme Covid Commander who will lead all government agencies and play a leadership role with other nations.

Rochelle Walensky said she’d ‘fix’ the CDC, but nine months in, she’s faltering

Before she took office, Rochelle Walensky said she’d "fix" the CDC. Nine months later, it’s clear her effort to revive the storied agency is faltering.

Pharmalittle: Biden team warns Moderna over global supplies of Covid-19 shot; Pfizer uses a warranty for refunds when a cancer drug fails

David Kessler, chief science officer for the White House Covid-19 response team, warned Moderna to “step up” and provide more vaccine doses for the world.

In its search for a new FDA commissioner, the White House is relying on insiders for advice

While there’s still no clear pick for Biden’s FDA commissioner, STAT’s @NicholasFlorko has key new details about the vetting process and who’s been interviewed.

Biden’s chaotic messaging on Covid-19 boosters is pitting the White House against the government’s scientific advisers

The Biden administration’s careening rollout of Covid-19 booster shots has pitted key public health officials against their own scientific advisers.

Biden pledged to ‘follow the science.’ But experts say he’s sometimes fallen short

On the campaign trail, Biden pledged to “follow the science.” But experts say the recent decision on boosters shows that as president, he’s sometimes fallen short.

A Theranos redux & and vaccine outreach via EHRs

When the trial of Elizabeth Holmes finally begins next week, it will once again put the Theranos saga in the spotlight.

Pharmalittle: Pfizer to buy Trillium in $2.3 billion deal; Israel data find additional vaccine dose lowers Covid risk

New data from Israel found that a third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine provides four times more protection against Covid-19 infection in seniors than two doses.

U.S. officials’ decision on Covid-19 booster shots baffles — and upsets — some scientists

The Biden administration’s decision to start authorizing third doses of Covid-19 vaccine in September is being met with bafflement, concern, and even anger by a number of scientists.

The answer to medical misinformation on social media might be more information

By hosting interactive Clubhouse discussions that let individuals openly voice their concerns or creating trending movements like #thisisourshot, social media has the potential to engage and resonate with local communities.

‘When Memory Fades’: Misinformation about Alzheimer’s disease and Aduhelm must be limited

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy wrote, "Limiting the spread of health misinformation is a moral and civic imperative that will require a whole-of-society effort." That should apply to Alzheimer's ads.

Amazon’s health cloud, Pichai on AI, and digital Alzheimer’s screens

Amazon’s cloud division has launched a curated set of health care services to help clients with a slew of solutions, such as analyzing genomic data.

Pharmalittle: ICER medical experts find no benefit for Aduhelm; FDA panel votes down Fibrogen’s anemia drug

An FDA expert panel concluded that risks of blood clots and other safety concerns tied to Fibrogen’s anemia pill were too high to support the drug’s approval.

The 10 Biden officials to watch on the Covid-19 response

Biden has tasked dozens of scientists, administrators, and policymakers with helping rein in the raging pandemic. Here are 10 to watch.

Biden dissolves Covid-19 panel that advised his transition

Biden disbanded the panel of doctors, researchers, and health experts that advised him through the transition, but many members will keep meeting anyway, outside the auspices of the White House.

Biden’s appointment of a health disparities adviser is historic. But will the White House empower her?

Marcella Nunez-Smith will be the first presidential adviser with a sole focus on combating racism and racial disparities in health care.

3 Biden staffers to watch in 2021

These three Biden advisers are already poised to play key health roles in his administration.

Patrick Kennedy pitches himself for Biden ‘drug czar’

Patrick Kennedy, the former congressman and mental health care advocate, has launched a public push to serve as the Biden administration’s “drug czar.”

Biden’s health picks signal a bottom-up approach to the Covid-19 pandemic

Trump favored a top-down approach to responding to the coronavirus pandemic, but Biden’s surprising health official picks signal that he’ll rely far more on lower-level scientists and deputies.

Public health experts are pressuring Biden to include health expertise in his Cabinet

Prominent public health experts are pressuring Biden and his transition team to include a doctor or experienced health professional in the Cabinet — and growing increasingly alarmed that their warnings will go unheeded.

Biden adviser says scientists, not political appointees, should lead public communications on Covid-19

A member of Biden’s Covid-19 task force is advocating for federal scientists, not political appointees, to take on the daily work of informing the public about the pandemic.

Pharmalittle: Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is 90% effective; Biden Covid-19 task force taps prominent doctors

Pfizer and BioNTech reported their Covid-19 vaccine was strongly effective, exceeding expectations and prompting cautious excitement.

Biden transition team unveils members of Covid-19 task force

Here's a rundown of the members of President-elect Biden's Covid-19 task force.

With Murthy, Nunez-Smith, and Kessler, Biden leans on experience to steer Covid-19 task force

President-elect Joe Biden has turned to three prominent physicians to lead his coronavirus task force who have signaled that they will approach the pandemic far differently than the Trump administration.

Biden promises to roll out a Covid-19 task force on Monday

In a pandemic-heavy victory address, Biden promised to name a panel of Covid-19 advisors on Monday.

‘It’s going to be very, very scary’: Before Biden takes office, a precarious 10 weeks for escalating Covid-19 crisis

Almost instantly, many health experts turned their attention to the presidential transition — and the potential for a leadership void during the Covid-19 pandemic’s most dangerous phase.