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Carolyn Morgan always knew she wanted to be in advertising and communications. She later honed in on the healthcare aspect because she lost a friend to leukemia at a young age; she wanted to help repave the treatment path for others, making it easier for them, and she envisioned a future where that path would no longer be needed. This is, as Simon Sinek would say, Carolyn Morgan’s “why.”

As president of precisioneffect, a healthcare advertising agency within Precision Medicine Group (PMG), Morgan is part of a team partnering with companies seeking to change the standard of care – commercializing brands that challenge the status quo and getting the medications into the hands of physicians, and ultimately to those patients who need them most. Her insightful leadership and innovative work in medical communications led to her 2016 recognition as a PharmaVOICE 100, as a commander and chief.

Morgan is helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies combat the ever-present pressure on cost and pricing. “You can’t open a trade magazine and not hear about the cost of pharmaceuticals. That conversation is at a fever pitch,” she says. PMG is unique in doing studies that help payers understand the societal impact of a drug and the long term value of innovation.

As a Boston-bred organization with many of its leaders hailing from here, Morgan notes, “Boston is the perfect intersection of education, innovation and healthcare. There are so many wonderful organizations building on the backbone of the city’s renowned hospitals and institutions. We very much enjoyed seeing all of these folks together during our HUBWeek panel to discuss how we can continue to move science forward in the era of precision medicine.”

At HUBweek on September 27th, Morgan introduced the panel discussion Is Every Disease is a Rare Disease? “We all have genetic mutations,” Morgan said. “Why does my mutation cause cancer, versus your mutation being benign?” Understanding what causes a person’s disease allows for targeted treatment. We are seeing this in oncology and hopefully that will become a blueprint for all diseases – where treatment is based on a person versus a disease.”

PMG is unique in its ability to help guide companies on the continuum from bench research to educating individual patients. Whether it’s evidence generation, market access and value creation, or brand development and launch, few companies can offer PMG’s wide range of deep expertise. Morgan invites companies to explore how PMG’s experts with therapeutic and commercial depth can help mitigate risks and accelerate adoption of their products.