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More than 100 trillion bacteria make up the human microbiome — and the bugs are thriving, both inside your body and across the healthcare landscape. There has been noticeable enthusiasm around companies harnessing the science and potential of the microbiome to develop unique health solutions.

The microbiome offers an opportunity to develop products that may more closely target the root cause of disease. When considering this approach, companies see a promising path where microbiome products not only treat disease, but have the potential to intercept or even prevent it.

But researchers aren’t the only one’s taking notice of the microbiome’s potential. There has been nearly $1.5 billion invested in the field to date as researchers explore in-human interventions to more quickly validate the role that the microbiome has in health and disease. This approach allows companies to expedite the timeline for gaining actionable insights in microbiome discovery and development. Watch the below video to find out why companies believe the microbiome will transform healthcare.

Critical need for collaboration to drive innovation

The microbiome is complex. It offers 200 times as many targets compared to the human genome, so it’s an extremely rich source of data. But that data needs to be analyzed and transformed into meaningful insights, which requires computational skills, microbiome expertise and technology.

These are challenges that no one person or company can overcome individually, so start-ups and the pharmaceutical industry are starting to collaborate and bring together complementary expertise to push the field forward. Hear from leading microbiome companies about why collaboration is needed to realize the potential of the microbiome.

Ideas in action

Innovators are targeting the microbiome using a variety of development approaches across therapeutics, diagnostics and consumer health. Areas of focus range from treating lactose intolerance to modulating the immune system, to developing personalized nutrition insights — and those are just a few applications. The wide variety of approaches represents a holistic view of health where microbiome-based health solutions may be used to treat and intercept disease in the future.

Click and watch the videos below to hear from microbiome companies and the approaches they’re taking to translate science into products.


The Janssen Human Microbiome Institute (JHMI), with its networks across the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, is actively collaborating with microbiome innovators to help navigate the challenges that come with product development with a focus on delivering microbiome-based health solutions to individuals in the future.