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Bio-Rad technologies and workflows can help you discover, develop, and manufacture anti-cancer drugs faster and with greater confidence. Technologies such as the S3e™ Cell Sorter, ZE5™ Cell Analyzer, and Droplet Digital™ PCR combined into workflows let you identify rare cell populations and better understand tumor heterogeneity.

Se3™ Cell Sorter

The S3e’s Lossless Cell Sorting feature provides exceptional sort purity, recovery, and yield without compromising performance and sensitivity maximizing recovery of target cell populations from your precious samples.

ZE5™ Cell Analyzer

The ZE5 Cell Analyzer is an innovative new flow cytometer with flexible configurations to meet a broad range of experimental complexities and throughput needs. With up to 30 parameters, the ZE5 can support even the most complex experiments.

QX200™ AutoDG™ Droplet Digital™ PCR System

Droplet Digital PCR can help overcome the challenges of traditional methods for liquid biopsy analysis. Often, accurate detection of rare nucleic acid sequences in complex backgrounds, such as tumor DNA in liquid biopsies, poses a challenge for standard PCR assays due to a bias against the amplification of low-abundance sequences. Droplet Digital PCR provides absolute, sensitive quantitation without the need for standard calibration assays.


At Bio-Rad, we know that every drug discovery and development journey is unique. To ensure efficiency, reproducibility, and reliability at each step of the process, we offer a suite of customizable products and services. Our commitment to your success does not end when you receive your instrument. As your trusted partner, we provide global support and service dedicated to limiting downtime and maximizing productivity, enabling you to focus on your science. Learn more.