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The power to edit a gene is the power to change its function and with it, the biology of the cell. From generating novel cell lines and better animal models for the discovery and preclinical phases of therapeutic research to actually creating a therapeutic itself, such as CAR-T cell therapies, CRISPR gene editing is allowing science to advance rapidly. The downstream applications are countless, and they are changing the way we perform R&D, develop drugs, and cure diseases.

Bio-Rad’s complete CRISPR gene editing workflow, one of many Bio-Rad workflows, is designed to shorten discovery and development timelines for novel therapeutics. Bio-rad technologies such as the Gene Pulser Xcell™ Electroporation System, ZOE™ Flourescent Cell Imager, TC20™ Cell Counter, S3e™ Cell Sorter, and ZE5™ Cell Analyzer, amongst others, allow you to confirm success at every step of CRISPR gene editing, from transfection to edit confirmation and to downstream cell and DNA analysis. Discover more at