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The rapid progress in cancer research aided by the recent advances in immuno-oncology requires you to have the best tools in your lab to keep up with the pace of discovery. Detecting lower levels of minimal residual disease, for example, requires more sensitivity and specificity than outdated flow cytometers can deliver. The ZE5™ Cell Analyzer was created to enable you to increase the number of characteristics to look at simultaneously, to find ever rarer events, and to let your biopharma lab stay on the cutting-edge of immuno-oncology research.

To find those rare events, the ZE5 acquires data at a rate up to 100,000 events per second the fastest event acquisition rate available. Long run times to find that one cell in 100 million are history.

The ZE5 comes with the most adaptable universal sample loader that accommodates tubes, tube racks, or 96- and 384-well plates with no additional hardware change or equipment. It even has a STAT tube for last minute samples that just can’t wait! Moreover, the loader has active temperature control to warm and cool sensitive samples and vortexing to keep cells in suspension.

With 5 lasers and 30 detectors, you can run ever-expanding panels as well as your current ones even panels utilizing UV dyes. The ZE5 Everest™ Software is user-friendly and can help with large panel design. And busy, high-throughput labs with multiple users will appreciate the walkaway and auto maintenance features that make it easy to use the ZE5.

Low parameter, outdated flow cytometers slow your pace of discovery. The ZE5, a faster, more flexible, and more powerful flow cytometer, is the ideal system for bio-pharma labs like yours. Learn more about the ZE5 Cell Analyzer at