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Innovation across the bio-pharmaceutical industry is accelerating at breakneck speed. Although the potential to develop transformative therapies through new modalities like regenerative medicine and gene therapy are beginning to take hold, the global patient population remains under served. And the community is not satisfied with incremental innovation.

At Takeda, we recognize that ongoing change is required for long-term success in our industry. But it’s not just about our business thriving it’s about our people doing the same. Our leaders don’t just empower our teams and mentor our people, they strive to drive a culture that enables success, learns from failure and always keeps the patient at the center. As Boston gets ready to welcome more than 16,000 biotechnology and pharmaceutical leaders to Make History at BIO 2018, we asked Takeda R&D’s therapeutic area heads and HR lead to articulate what driving culture means to them.

Asit Parikh, Head of Gastroenterology Therapeutic Area Unit

At Takeda, we empower employees to feel and think they can disrupt obstacles in their working day by doing things differently. This is a powerful mindset, and in the hands of talented employees is amplified further when tied to a vision that everyone appreciates, values and believes in. In the GI TAU, we are building a culture of operational excellence aligned with a strong vision — to restore life to living for people with gastrointestinal disorders through the delivery of innovative life changing therapies. When leaders encourage a mindset to do things differently, quicker and more efficiently for the benefit of patients, employees in turn rise to the occasion, feeling empowered to experiment with and implement innovative solutions.

Emiliangelo Ratti, Head of Neuroscience Therapeutic Area Unit

Shared values are key to creating a successful culture and a high-performing, motivated team. I believe that the adoption of values is driven through leadership — by modeling the behaviors they expect of their team, leaders can create a thriving culture. In the Neuroscience TAU we are fostering a culture that embraces four core values: curiosity, courage, connections and being a catalyst for change and growth. This clear and deliberate focus will ensure that together as a team we will be able to deliver innovative medicines that meet the needs of patients.

Phil Rowlands, Head of Oncology Therapeutic Area Unit

Creating a transparent, open and entrepreneurial culture among employees is crucial for delivering on our commitment to bring transformative therapies to the patients and communities we serve. In the Oncology TAU, we live this commitment through our collaborative culture and shared passion for improving patient care to meet the unique and urgent needs of people living with cancer around the world. Every day, I am inspired by the work of our employees and extensive network of partners who strive to promote a learning environment that not only lives up to our commitment, but also drives the joint learning, co-creation, knowledge sharing and risk taking required to deliver truly breakthrough innovation that changes lives.

Erika Marder, Head of Global R&D Human Resources

A thriving, high-performing culture isn’t created by chance. That’s why we take an active approach to nurturing culture across Takeda R&D, closely tied to intentional talent development. We seek to provide employees with opportunities to learn and grow that are tailored to their skills, work styles and aspirations. By focusing on employees as individuals, we’re not only helping them reach their fullest potential, we’re also supporting a more diverse and inclusive culture united by our shared commitment to developing transformative medicines for patients.