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Global testing volumes are on the rise due to an aging population, growing management of diseases, and increased access to care. At the same time, health systems are facing pressure to perform testing as efficiently as possible with limited staff and space, while also reducing costs.

With these factors in mind — and knowing that diagnostic tests guide 70 percent of clinical decisions[i] for patients — laboratory efficiency and accuracy is more important than ever. Abbott understands the critical role the lab plays in the healthcare system, and is dedicated to developing technologies that elevate labs to the next level and bring healthcare to a better place.

Enter Alinity, a state-of-the-art, harmonized family of systems for clinical diagnostics.

Developed based on thousands of insights from clinicians, scientists, lab technicians, and healthcare executives, Alinity offers boundary-breaking capabilities that deliver efficiency and flexibility, and help maintain high levels of accuracy. With more than 1,000 instruments ordered or installed globally, Alinity provides diagnostics screening ability for immunoassay, clinical chemistry, point of care, hematology, blood and plasma screening, and molecular diagnostics.

Imagine, for instance, a child’s linked and interlocking train track set. Alinity delivers flexibility to labs in a similar way, offering varying, scalable instrument configurations. As testing volumes increase over time, labs can simply add modules, rather than replace entire systems.

With a smaller, more streamlined footprint, Alinity makes it easier for lab technicians to perform their jobs faster and with more accuracy as it is:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use, with an integrated, uniform interface across instruments making it quick to learn and easy to use for all lab personnel
  • Continuously accessible and able to run any test at any time with the ability to replace reagents without stopping the instrument, improving lab productivity
  • Error-proof, with proprietary lock-and-key reagent bottles so reagents can only fit in designated positions, helping safeguard against erroneous results

With these capabilities, Alinity helps customers find value in not just the test, but across the broader healthcare system. From faster test results for you and your loved ones, to providing a safe blood supply to the population, to supporting lab technicians in their duties, Alinity can help deliver better healthcare like never before.

The new portfolio begins in the U.S. with “Alinity c” clinical chemistry system and “Alinity i” immunoassay system, which can operate individually or as an integrated Alinity series.

Find out more about Alinity and how diagnostic tests serve as a compass for healthcare at


[i] Forsman RW. Why is the laboratory an afterthought for managed care organizations? Clin Chem. 1996; 42:813–816.