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Syneos HealthTM, an organization that provides biopharmaceutical companies with end-to-end clinical and commercial solutions, has released its ninth annual compendium of trend forecasts and analyses of the healthcare industry, based on insights from more than 200 experts working on the frontlines of clinical development and commercialization.

In 2019, healthcare will demand greater data savvy and ever-faster decision reflexes from healthcare leaders. These skills will apply whether the conversation is about digitally empowered patients who expect to be rewarded for sharing their experiences with drug developers, the ripple effects of consolidation among payers and pharmacy benefit managers, or the impact of regulatory and business reforms that are poised to make China a global pharmaceutical powerhouse.

The 2019 Health Trend Ten eBook outlines 10 critical shifts in healthcare that are changing how the biopharmaceutical industry tests and commercializes novel new therapies and innovations in the years ahead. These shifts include:

  • Radical Re-organization: This year will see a significant shift to more rapid cycling of innovation and optimization, with biopharma companies learning from their customers and making changes in evidence collection, messaging and service provision.
  • Accelerating Evidence: Globally we’ll see greater focus on what product differentiation looks like in real-world environments. More clinical teams will be collecting real-world data and evidence in very early stages of trials, while making broader use of pragmatic clinical trials.
  • Relearning Launch: The solution to many launch challenges lies in tighter, agile coordination. We’ll see more cases where medical affairs teams will fuel a feedback loop from providers and payers to aggregate and understand what evidence is most needed across and within regions.
  • Search for the Right Patient: More industry leaders in 2019 will aim for 100% of patients in a much smaller population — versus a smaller percentage of a large population — where treatment can make the biggest difference, and will get there in part by testing patient behavior.
  • Demand for Decision-Driving Insights: Pharma leaders need to quickly create business cases, advance institutional data fluency and infuse behavioral science into decision-making—all in order to forge meaningful change opportunities and sustain momentum to execute on the plan. 
  • Rewired HCP: Physicians are working with less control, greater financial and time pressure, torrents of data that can be as much a burden as a blessing, and increasing mental health challenges.
  • Relieving Burden: Old and new players are stepping in with strategies and services that reduce friction, complexity and inconvenience for doctors, researchers, patients and harried administrators. 
  • Value Puzzle: Innovation, politics and data have re-energized debates about value, with people, payers and advocates all asking: Is it worth it and who should pay?
  • System of One: Care is becoming more transient, opportunistic and data-connected as it shifts from hospitals to homes, local pharmacies and even onto mobile phones.
  • The New Top Talent: Companies are retooling to identify and attract the most versatile, skillful, and regionally or globally-savvy workforce—often in places you wouldn’t expect. 

In addition to these 10 macro trends, the 2019 Health Trend Ten eBook features 10 worksheets with key questions all healthcare scientific and business leaders should explore, 40 breakout themes and 100+ illustrations and charts.

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