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During these unprecedented times, we must continue to unite and support one another and our communities. Aligned to our mission of “Better Health and a Brighter Future,” Takeda has invited Life Science Cares, an organization committed to improving the lives of the most vulnerable in Boston and Philadelphia, to talk about the needs that have arisen as a result of the COVID-19 crisis and offer STAT readers some ways they can help.

A college student with no family support loses housing and access to food because the dorms have closed.

A trainee halfway through a biomanufacturing career program quits to support their family.

A family of four, already struggling, find themselves without jobs and food for their children.

These are real stories that represent the existential struggles that so many in the community are facing as the full impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis continues to unfold. And this is the reason why Life Science Cares exists today — to help the most vulnerable in our Boston and Philadelphia communities.

Life Science Cares was founded four years ago based on a simple mission: improve lives of the neighbors impacted by poverty by providing human and financial resources to the most efficient and effective nonprofit organizations focused on survival, education and sustainability. The company believes that collective impact is the most effective way to make a difference and the COVID-19 crisis has brought their mission into a greater and more urgent focus.

Life Science Cares is fortunate to be powered by life sciences organizations of all sizes in Boston and Philadelphia. These organizations generously give of their time (where and when it is safe to do so) and their financial resources to help the company’s community partners meet the growing needs of those who rely on them for support. Over the past four years, Life Science Cares has made $1.75 million in grants, leveraged an additional $500,000 in in-kind contributions, and completed 11,000 volunteer hours.

Right now, however, many of the company’s partners are experiencing an increased need in demand for services, everything from basic needs like shelter, food, and health care access to education and enrichment for families sheltered in their homes. Yet, these partners are simultaneously experiencing a drop in their revenue or other resources necessary to provide those services. In fact, in a recent Flash Poll conducted by the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, more than 2/3 of respondents (63% of 950 surveyed) report experiencing or anticipating a drop in revenue and 23% were unsure what to expect due to COVID-19.

That is why Life Science Cares is calling upon neighbors and friends within life sciences to help the company and its community partners protect and aid the most vulnerable populations.

There is so much that every individual can do. You can choose to support Life Science Cares’s many partners, who can all be found on the company’s website, with specific wish lists and donations, including:

You can also make a donation directly to the Life Science Cares COVID-19 Response Fund for disbursement to the company’s partners. One hundred percent of donations to the Fund will go directly to those providing help on the front lines.

The life sciences industry is built on the promise of innovations that help people live healthier lives. The ability to make a significant, positive, and collective impact during this challenging time relies on the continued generosity of companies, as well as individuals. Just as Mister Rogers was told to ‘look for the helpers’ in times of crisis, the community is also looking to the helpers. Won’t you help to make individual’s tomorrow a little better today?