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By John Putman, President, Nanotronics 

Dear Medical Professional,

The COVID-19 crisis is stressing the current critical care infrastructure to its breaking point. Patients in hospitals are waiting for needed care and many patients in distress are not even being admitted to hospitals due to overcrowding. It is well known that one major shortage is the lack of available ventilators and other advanced airway devices. Patients are literally in line waiting.

Use of CPAP therapy has been shown useful in some of these situations. Having CPAP available to a patient in respiratory distress can provide significant relief. It can bridge the time until the patient can receive critical care until critical care is no longer needed. It can effectively be used in the home environment before hospital admission and will also prove to be effective in critical care situations.

We are asking you to comment on the practice of deploying CPAPs where the patient is in need of a bridge but not yet in respiratory failure by responding below.  Your response to this survey is voluntary.  Your identity will not be disclosed, but your response may be used for research purposes and in an aggregated tally of medical professionals who share a similar response.

Thank you.

Please endorse here if you are in agreement. 

John Putman, President, Nanotronics