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Today, the fate of your health seems a little less within your control than you may like. It is in these moments that we find ourselves considering new ways to better support, defend, and maintain our overall health. However, many people aren’t aware that they’re neglecting a foundational component of good health, a molecule so vital that it influences every cell in the human body. That molecule is NAD+.

What we know about NAD+

The human body is composed of trillions of cells. Every cell has a unique purpose, and they all need energy to operate. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is the molecule cells rely on to generate the energy needed to properly function and repair. NAD+ is required for mitochondria to turn nutrients into ATP — the energy currency for cells. Without it, the mitochondria cannot power our cells, making them (and the body at large) vulnerable to cellular damage.

As humans age, they face significant hurdles in their natural ability to produce NAD+. From age 40-60, humans experience a near 50% decline in NAD+, leaving the mitochondria to compete for a shrinking supply of their most valuable energetic resource. Lifestyle stressors like stress on the immune system, lack of exercise and overeating can also deplete NAD+, simply because cells have to expend more energy to function. When NAD+ levels are maintained, cells have enough of the molecule to support both ATP production and repair, allowing cells and larger biological systems to activate and operate at their best.

How do we create energy for ourselves?

Adequate intake of nutrients needs to be incorporated into any health plan to ensure the body’s needs are met, primarily through your diet. However, some nutrients are not easily obtainable in foods at meaningful doses. Nicotinamide Riboside (NR, or Niagen®) is a patented cellular nutrient and has been shown in six published clinical studies to help the body build new NAD+ molecules. This molecule doesn’t cause the side effects commonly associated with other forms of vitamin B3, while supporting the activity of DNA-building proteins like sirtuins. As a catalyst for the production of NAD+, NR has tremendous potential to contribute to the promotion of sustained cellular defense and healthy cellular function.

When one tends to their cellular needs, they become an active participant in full-body health. A patented nutrient called Tru Niagen® is a single capsule solution in the quest for health-sustaining energy. Tru Niagen® helps cells stay resilient with its active ingredient Niagen®, the only regulatory reviewed, patented and clinically studied form of NR with multiple published clinical studies. Acting as a torch for cellular performance, it increases the production of NAD+ in adults by over 50% supporting the body’s natural resilience and repair mechanisms.

Science over hype

NAD+ and NR have captured the attention of health care practitioners, scientists, and health tech enthusiasts worldwide. But buyer beware — as the popularity of NAD+ increases, so does the prevalence of low-quality, untested imposters.

NMN is another NAD+ precursor that claims to increase cellular energy. Yet where NR has been repeatedly assessed for safety and effectiveness in multiple peer-reviewed clinical trials, NMN has only one small, uncontrolled study, that did not assess if daily, long-term supplementation was safe or effective. NMN does not penetrate the cell without first converting into NR, so it is a less efficient NAD+ booster. In short, this overhyped and understudied product has little substantiation beyond the word of its creators and spokespeople.

Further strengthening the case for NR, ChromaDex has successfully achieved regulatory acceptance for its patented NR ingredient in the United States, Canada, the European Union, and Australia.

When choosing an NAD+ precursor, know that a breadth of peer-reviewed research backs Tru Niagen is readily available. Learn more by visiting