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This International Clinical Trials Day, Parexel is focused on how the world has changed for trials and patients, and the positive solutions and innovations that have emerged from the COVID-19 era. There’s no denying that we are living through a time of great challenge, but it’s moments like these when working together we can find new and better ways to achieve what matters most to patients – new medicines and better healthcare. At Parexel, we believe there’s no going back.

Patient focus, innovation and technology are our greatest allies in facilitating clinical trial participation in a more decentralized environment. How we adapt and innovate now will define the success of clinical trials moving forward. To that end, Parexel has partnered with the industry to bring many aspects of ongoing studies directly to patients in their homes and in their communities. As an industry pioneer in Decentralized Clinical Trials, we conduct fully virtual and hybrid studies, including home nursing visits. We are also uniquely prepared to ship clinical trial supplies and drug products directly to patients while working with sponsors to deploy care around the world. We are ensuring the safety of clinical site monitors and site staff using remote source data verification and data-driven monitoring. We are navigating the new regulatory climate with the support of our 1000+ former regulators and regulatory consultants and innovating with how we can use data in new ways in clinical research.

All the while, we keep patients at the heart of everything we do, and work with them to find meaningful solutions for tomorrow’s trials. Through our Parexel Patient Advisory Council, we gain insight into the perspectives of clinical trial patients, caregivers and patient group representatives across the globe, and bring that vision to every aspect of drug development.

The world has changed. But we need to move forward with new vigor and hope to make clinical trials better and in so doing, get medicines to the people who need them sooner. With Heart.“My biggest fear as a patient advocate is that when all this is over, we simply go back to what we were doing before, and we don’t take the opportunity to elevate clinical research, so that the lessons we learned and the positives from this experience become integrated into the existing clinical trial world.” – T.J. Sharpe, Parexel Patient Advisory Council Member

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