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As we continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, many aspects of life are at a standstill. But for people living with cancer, life-threatening conditions, and chronic diseases, health care cannot be delayed. For these people, COVID-19 has not just interrupted work, social events, vacations, travel plans, and daily tasks; it has also created uncertainty and concern about their health. Many are worried about being able to see their healthcare provider in a timely manner; being able to access their medications both in terms of affordability and in physically picking them up from a pharmacy or having them administered in a healthcare setting; and what the future of their disease holds as clinical trials are either being delayed or discontinued.

In line with our guiding principles to put patients first, maintain trust with society, and take care of our reputation and business, Takeda remains as committed as ever to our patients. First by helping them solve their most immediate challenges, while continuing to look for answers to support their need for breakthrough, innovative medicines.

Supporting Patients Today

We’ve put into place swift arrangements to protect and support the people who rely on our therapies during this global health crisis. Takeda has enhanced its patient assistance program in the United States for patients who qualify and need extra help during this difficult time to ensure our medicines and treatments are accessible to those who need them without interruption. We have implemented a new job loss provision to help eligible patients who are experiencing financial hardship from unemployment, enhanced free drug programs for eligible patients, extended the eligibility period for certain patients currently enrolled in Takeda’s patient assistance programs, and implemented virtual training for self-administration.

Takeda’s patient assistance programs, including the recent adjustments, are aimed at continued, proper, and smooth access to medical care, regardless of the impact that COVID-19 may have had on other aspects of life. Patients are at the heart of all of our efforts, and Takeda’s commitment to each individual person is only strengthened during trying times.

Advancing Science for Tomorrow

As an organization committed to a relentless pursuit of science, we don’t stop during challenging times. For oncology patients, it is important that we continue to investigate new and expanded ways to utilize current therapies in our portfolio in addition to advancing a robust pipeline in the search for differentiated treatment options.

We are aware that people living with cancer are concerned about continued forward momentum, which includes having the benefit of knowing the latest scientific findings. This is why Takeda is excited to be participating in and presenting data from its portfolio and late-stage pipeline at the first-ever virtual American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), which took place last month, and the upcoming European Hematology Association (EHA) annual meetings.

“The data we are presenting have the potential to be practice-changing for people who currently have limited treatment choices,” said Teresa Bitetti, President, Global Oncology Business Unit, Takeda. “While we are unable to gather as a scientific community in one place, we are pleased that we can continue to present innovative research, aimed at providing life-changing therapies for types of cancers that are in need of advancement.”

New Outlook on Innovation and Partnerships

Across the company, Takeda is focused on looking for new and innovative partnerships to bring cutting edge therapies to our patients. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of putting differences aside for the greater good, which is why Takeda is proud to be part of the groundbreaking CoVIg-19 Plasma Alliance with CSL Behring and other leading plasma companies. This unparalleled Alliance aims to accelerate the development of a novel hyperimmune globulin (H-Ig) plasma-derived therapy CoVIg-19 which could be one of the earliest potential treatment options for people at risk for serious complications from COVID-19. Every day, Takeda is reminded of the importance of this effort as the number of people affected continues to grow worldwide, and the world tries to figure out how best to adapt while we wait for potential therapies and vaccines to become available.

“Unprecedented challenges call for bold measures. The CoVIg-19 Plasma Alliance is a first-of-its-kind partnership, which we hope will significantly accelerate the development of an H-Ig,” said Julie Kim, President, Plasma-Derived Therapies Business Unit, Takeda. “The continuing pandemic means we are all facing an incredibly challenging time and it makes us proud to be at the forefront of taking action to stop or slow its impact.”

Despite the challenges ahead, Takeda remains overwhelmingly hopeful and committed to better health and a brighter future worldwide. By putting patients first and leading with boundless compassion and courageous action, there’s nothing we cannot achieve together.