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If you were to reimagine healthcare, where would you start?

Introducing PINC AI, Premier’s comprehensive technology and services platform. PINC AI envisions an intelligence engine powering the future of healthcare through a groundbreaking combination of data, technology, services and scale designed to optimize provider performance at every point.

“Naming our technology and services platform PINC AI reflects our strategy to provide comprehensive solutions leveraging innovative technologies and embedded services to drive better, smarter healthcare.”

Michael J. Alkire, President and CEO of Premier

“With PINC AI, we are creating a single identity with a single message that we believe makes our value proposition much clearer for our members and other stakeholders”, says Alkire. “PINC AI clarifies the way all of the Premier technologies work together seamlessly to address market challenges, including quality and cost of care. PINC AI also will support a consolidated commercial model for our Performance Services businesses, enabling us to go to market more efficiently for optimized performance and accelerated innovation in healthcare.”

This platform allows Premier to connect several siloed industries and accelerate innovation. With PINC AI, Premier is committed to closing the gaps in care by leveraging solutions expected to include artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning. The goal is to deliver evidence-based insights in the workflow, at the point of care.

Real, sustainable change doesn’t happen with technology alone; real change happens when we innovate collaboratively and scale quickly. That’s the power of Premier with PINC AI. Learn about the next generation of healthcare at PINC AI.