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Imagine waiting 11 years to see your primary care physician for a broken bone. It’s hard to envision because it’s unlikely anyone would. Though, that’s the average amount of time between symptom onset and treatment for those living with mental illness1. Furthermore, nearly 25 percent of adults living with the challenges of mental illness report an unmet need for treatment, and this number has not changed in over a decade.2

These staggering statistics demonstrate the necessity for mental health to be treated as a chronic condition and approached with the same priority and urgency as physical health. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for treating mental health. Every person’s brain and experiences in life are as unique as their fingerprints. It is critical to explore new therapies and community resources that extend well beyond medicine alone. Society needs platforms that maximize human connection and belonging, while reducing the stigma associated with mental illness.

“No one deserves to be marginalized by mental illness,” said Kabir Nath, Senior Managing Director, Global Pharmaceutical Business, Otsuka. “As an industry leader in mental health, Otsuka is committed to looking beyond pharmaceuticals to advance the quality of mental healthcare. We are investing deeply in programs and platforms that meet people where they are and create connections that serve to remove barriers to care and support.”

Three out of five Americans feel chronically lonely3, magnifying the importance of fostering compassionate communities for those living with mental illness. For instance, The Society of Valued Minds was founded on the belief that self-expression and community have the power to change minds. This initiative by Otsuka, brings together creators and mental health advocates to share their creativity and lived experiences. This group shares a collective mission to shatter stigma, create actionable awareness and make every mind feel less alone.

For many, hearing firsthand perspectives from others living with mental illness or caring for someone who does brings solace. Otsuka’s Patient Education Network (OPEN) offers a collection of online resources celebrating individuals living with mental illness and demonstrating that they are more than their diagnosis.

Knowing that 50 percent of mental illness begins by age 144, it’s imperative that supportive outlets engaging youth are easily accessible. Otsuka is proud to be the lead founding sponsor of the Well Beings initiative, a public media campaign to create awareness of mental health issues, and demystify and destigmatize mental health concerns through storytelling.

As communities of support continue to become mainstream, society will collectively be encouraged to realize the value of every mind. Furthermore, this movement will ultimately elevate awareness for mental illness and the necessity for it to be treated as a chronic disease that warrants early, equitable and accessible intervention.


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