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For 35 years, Gilead has played a leading role in transforming HIV from an inevitably fatal condition to one that could be chronically managed, and even prevented. From pioneering the first single-tablet regimen to treat HIV to developing the first medication to prevent HIV, millions of people have received Gilead-based HIV regimens globally. But we know that it will take more than science to end HIV. We must also address the complex systems and biases that allow HIV to continue to persist, and we believe that working together is key to dismantling these barriers to consistent, quality HIV care and services.

Gilead recently launched the ‘Together’ campaign to champion the need for transformative, multi-stakeholder collaboration to help end the HIV epidemic for everyone, everywhere, and highlight the real stories of bold innovators who are working to make it happen.

The first stories from the ‘Together’ campaign will premiere at the 2022 International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2022), taking place both virtually and in Montreal, Canada from July 29 – August 2, 2022. The ‘Together’ stories feature heroes from around the world who, with support from Gilead, are helping to drive equitable HIV care — from clinics dismantling stigma through compassionate and holistic HIV care in the Philippines and Canada, to a doctor using his voice to save a hospital in crisis in Senegal, and Wake Forest University’s School of Divinity creating a culture of empathy for people living with HIV within faith communities in the Southern U.S.

Together, we can end the epidemic for everyone, everywhere. Learn more at