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CRMSynced™, an online educational game recently launched by Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly), conveys an important message to physicians who treat patients with interconnected cardio-renal-metabolic (C-R-M) conditions: collaboration may improve patient outcomes.

C-R-M conditions are a group of interconnected disorders, including heart disease, chronic kidney disease and type 2 diabetes which are leading causes of death worldwide. Even though improving the health of one system can lead to improvements in others—they are often treated in isolation. This first-ever online game on C-R-M conditions aims to reinforce recent professional guidelines, which call on healthcare professionals (HCPs) to prioritize a collaborative, holistic approach to care. But why the game format? Research shows that game-based education can improve learning and retention!

With CRMSynced, collaborating with other specialists is the only way to the top. You can choose from four aptly named game characters to engage as; Dr. Grace Hart (cardiologist), Dr. Gage Sugarman (endocrinologist), Dr. Kit Nee (nephrologist), or Dr. Howie Feelin (primary care physician). Players work with other HCP game characters to build a virtual hospital, “Sync Tower,” where each “floor” is a level, and earn star ratings based on how they answer questions from their team. Once each puzzle-based level is accomplished, players C-R-M knowledge is tested to increase understanding of the need to care for these systems as a whole.

Are you up for the challenge? Visit to learn more and put your C-R-M skills to the test.