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It’s an exciting time to be working alongside the innovators who are advancing therapies and vaccines to complement the traditional biologics that have earned their status. In the current era of drug development, we don’t have to choose between conventional and cutting edge; we can have both. And what we’ve learned in the past few years is that we need both. While a ground-breaking technology that has been incubating behind the scenes for decades — mRNA — has quickly become central to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, antibody treatments have been transformative in the way we prevent, treat, and even cure diseases for decades. Together, these scientific advancements have been formidable tools in the effort to improve human health with life-changing therapeutics.

In the current environment of ‘and’, we aren’t limited to what we already know works. What’s next? Let’s explore what’s possible using mRNA against other infectious diseases (or even multiple diseases at once), in oncology and also in rare diseases and personalized medicines. And let’s uncover whether mRNA can make existing therapies even more effective. Can we improve how we make these up-and-comers with even lower dosages to enhance patient safety while still maintaining efficacy? The time is ripe for dramatic shifts in the status quo, for us to leapfrog to new ways of working; ways we might not even be able to anticipate because the world can change so much in a decade.

The future is both bright and unpredictable. And biopharma has the chance to capitalize on the optimism and energy by moving quickly before we lose the momentum of the last few years. What can we do to maintain the speed we’ve garnered without sacrificing quality? It will take a village to support drug developers. We need governments, academia, biopharma, technology providers, and experts from other industries pulling together to improve the landscape for anyone interested in transforming human health. And that includes all of us.

In this three-part article series with STAT, we’ll explore some of these provocative questions and offer a glimpse into the possibilities that advanced therapies can enable. We’ll also examine some of the hurdles that come along with manufacturing new, more precise medicines- from scaling out rather than up, to enacting smarter and more organized data management, to collaborating with regulatory bodies to ensure safety and quality of these novel products.

Now that the industry is no longer facing the urgent demand dictated by the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, we can take advantage of the momentum we gained and continue pushing the boundaries of medicine. In the era of ‘and’, mRNA is bound to be one of many great discoveries we credit to this generation of biopharma.

It’s a thrilling time to be a part of the industry as we witness this therapeutic revolution, and I can’t wait to explore what’s next.

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