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At Vertex Pharmaceuticals, we know the value of investing in future innovators who are ready to make their mark on the world — and shape the future of biotech. Our thoughtfully crafted early career programs provide new team members with the support they need to thrive in the rapidly evolving biotechnology industry.

Bridging the Gap Between Academia & Industry

We’re excited to offer early career innovators — who hold an advanced degree — with opportunities to deepen their knowledge and gain real-world experience. The Vertex Fellows Program is a 1-year postdoctoral program designed to augment a traditional postdoc. At the end of the year, Fellows can effectively decide if a career in biotech is the right fit. Conversely, the Vertex Physician Investigator Career Development Program is a two-year opportunity that, upon completion, offers participants job placement within Vertex.

Interested? We dive deeper into each opportunity below and introduce you to Vertexians with first-hand experience.

Vertex Physician Investigator Career Development Program

The Vertex Physician Investigator (VPI) Career Development Program is an immersive experience in which participants complete rotations in Research, Clinical, Medical, Regulatory, and Commercial. It’s designed to provide early career physician scientists with invaluable hands-on experience and mentorship.

“There are several traditional pathways an early career physician scientist can take when they begin working in industry. I love that the program has followed through on its promise by providing us with fascinating cross-functional hands-on work, dedicated mentorship and freedom to explore,” said Jason Sanders, a current VPI who earned his M.D. and Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh.

To join Jason and other VPIs, there are a few qualifications to keep in mind, including:

  • Early career MD, MD/PhD, or MD with another advanced degree AND with a proven research track record with expressed interest in biopharmaceutical research
  • Less than 5 years since completion of clinical training
  • Evidence of scholarly distinction, investigative work
  • Early career faculty looking to move to industry

Vertex Fellows

Vertex Fellows have the drive to make a difference and a thirst for knowledge. Through an intense, weeklong bootcamp, Fellows learn about the foundational elements of the Vertex strategy. “The thing I love most about the program is that there are so many opportunities to learn about all the functions that are essential to the life cycle of a medicine, especially those outside of your own discipline that I would not have otherwise been exposed to,” said Nickesha Anderson, Ph.D., Fellow.

Nickesha earned her doctoral degree in biology from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. “Career mentorship is one of the key aspects of this program. I learn from and am guided by senior leaders who understand what works well but can also provide insights into how to deal with challenges as I progress in my career. I also get to learn from and be supported by peers who are at a similar phase of their career development. It is a very supportive and nurturing environment.”

Early Career Opportunities

You don’t have to hold an advanced degree to be involved in an early career program at Vertex. We offer college internships, co-ops and high school internships. We also partner with organizations, such as Boston-based Year Up, that aim to close the Opportunity Divide and provide pathways for young adults who have not yet obtained a bachelor’s.

Jo Dias, STEAM Education Senior Coordinator, completed both our high school and college STEAM summer internships before joining Vertex as a full-time employee. “Representation matters. I can inspire other Black immigrant students to follow their dreams and take advantage of their resources, bringing excellence in all they do,” said Jo. “Throughout my internships, I had terrific managers and mentors who supported me and taught me tremendously. I strive daily to be as great a leader as they are.”

Northeastern graduate student Corey Ortiz joined as a co-op in Corporate Communications. “Working at Vertex as a co-op has been an incredible experience. Not only have I had the chance to work for such a big company that’s doing amazing work, but I’ve also had a ton of opportunities to grow personally as well,” said Corey, who is earning his master’s in corporate communications. “It’s been great doing work that reflects what I’ve learned in school and that really feels like it matters and makes a difference.”

Interested in joining the Vertex team?

For more information on how to apply for Vertex early career opportunities, visit here.