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Great storytelling is the crux of any brand’s marketing initiatives. It’s important to experiment and test different channels, interview styles, and storytelling techniques to keep your target audiences engaged and wanting more.

On the latest STAT Business Look Ahead, Angus Macaulay was joined by Jesse McQuarters, editor of STAT Brand Studio. Together, they shared strategic ideas about how the studio thinks through content creation for a variety of different channels to inspire, engage, and inform an influential audience within the life sciences.

In particular they take a closer look at the power of video podcasts and how this format can open up an array of production and distribution possibilities. Watch the full session to learn how to fully leverage one interview and transform it into myriad assets that can show and tell, and make for powerfully dynamic campaigns.


Three top takeaways:

  1. Own a topic. Provide value. The fact that you’re sitting down to think through content, record it, produce and edit it has a weight on its own. This format offers the opportunity to show who you are and to present messaging in the way you want.
  2. Take advantage of your brand’s networking power. Think of the classic party question — who would you have dinner with if you could pick anyone? Do the same for your brand by associating with key opinion leaders, influencers, and customers to drive compelling conversations.
  3. “Content Atomization” to foster engagement. The main interview provides the foundation but there are so many ways to slice, atomize, and re-atomize content. Whether it’s clips for social media, a live episode at an industry event, or deeper research. Thinking about the whole process strategically, putting it together on an editorial calendar, and getting the most ROI – this is where a partner like STAT Brand Studio can be helpful.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities with STAT and STAT Brand Studio, visit the Marketing Solutions page or email [email protected].