stat stories by Carl Zimmer

Aram Boghosian for STAT Andre Fenton's research about memory formation elated the scientific community, which later…
Chantal Heijnen for STAT Todd Sacktor at his SUNY Downstate lab in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Chantal Heijnen for STAT Equipment used for the study of memory in mice.


Andre Fenton and Todd Sacktor thought they had made a key discovery about how the brain forms long-term memories. The scientific community disagreed.

EURAC/Marion Lafogler Scientists have learned a great deal about Ötzi the iceman, including that…
EURAC/Marion Lafogler Eduard Egarter-Vigl, left, and Albert Zink take a sample from the iceman in…


Researchers reported in Science that they have reconstructed the entire genome of a species of bacteria that lived in the stomach of the iceman Ötzi.

Josh Reynolds for STAT Slava Epstein in his lab at Northeastern University.
Josh Reynolds for STAT An "iChip," built from a pipette tip holder, is being used to grow…
Josh Reynolds for STAT Slava Epstein, right, talks with PhD students, from left, Brittany Berdy and…


Scientists are using radically simple techniques to uncover antibiotics that are fundamentally different than the ones doctors prescribe today.

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