stat stories by Bob Tedeschi

Kayana Szymczak for STAT Dr. Michael VanRooyen, director of Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, outside of his home.
Michael VanRooyen VanRooyen removes a bullet from a soldier's wrist in South Sudan, 2000.
Kayana Szymczak for STAT VanRooyen tends to the beehive in the backyard of his home in…


Dr. Michael VanRooyen, an emergency physician, now trains the next generation of humanitarian doctors at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.

Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images Johnny Matheny shows people his robotic limb during the DARPA Demo Day…
Leigh Vogel for STAT Michael McLoughlin is program manager and chief engineer for the Johns Hopkins…


Michael McLoughlin helped lead the development of technologies, which have helped amputees experience lifelike movement of prosthetic limbs.

Stephanie Strasburg for STAT A shuttered building along the roadside in the Appalachian region of Ohio.
Stephanie Strasburg for STAT Bailey Mullins, 3, hangs out on the porch of her home in…
Stephanie Strasburg for STAT Across the Ohio River from Pomeroy, Ohio, power plant stacks rise into…


As deaths from cancer have steadily declined across much of the country, Appalachia remains an outlier. A cancer epidemiologist is trying to fix that.

Steven G. Smith for STAT Jerry Valentino of Waterbury, Conn., is receiving cancer treatment through a local…
Steven G. Smith for STAT Valentino’s treatment includes a once-daily medication.
Steven G. Smith for STAT Valentino is part of an innovative lung cancer trial called Lung-MAP.


Veterans have less access to cutting-edge cancer treatments, but a new initiative is aiming to change that by enrolling them in more clinical trials.

Alissa Ambrose/STAT Dwane Foreman, 68, rests in his car in East Oakland, Calif.
Alissa Ambrose/STAT Foreman suffers from chronic pain and cramping in his hands that often…
Alissa Ambrose/STAT Foreman rests in the front seat of his car, which has become…


As the US homeless population ages, more people risk dying in the kind of squalor that is more commonly the hallmark of war zones and developing nations.

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