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For Immediate Release: Sept. 29, 2022

Media Contact: Maria Landron | [email protected]

Additions bring STAT’s leading health and science coverage to new heights

BOSTON — STAT, the leading media company reporting on health, science, and medicine, announced a series of newsroom hires as the company expands its reach and coverage. Erica Goode has joined STAT as the new special projects editor, Sarah Todd will be STAT’s new assignment editor, and Sarah Owermohle is STAT’s newest Washington correspondent. 

“We are thrilled to announce the additions of these dynamite journalists to our newsroom,” said Rick Berke, co-founder and executive editor of STAT. “These reporters are some of the sharpest in their industry, and they will be instrumental in leading STAT forward in its preeminent coverage of the life sciences industries. This expansion is a testament to STAT’s accelerating and strategic growth as a company, and we look forward to welcoming these new hires to our high-caliber team.’’

Erica Goode is a veteran New York Times science writer and editor and a former managing editor at Inside Climate News. She started her journalism career as a AAAS fellow at the San Francisco Chronicle, where she worked for several years before jumping to U.S. News for editing and reporting roles, including science and society editor. Her two-decade New York Times career began in 1998, when she was hired to cover human behavior and proceeded to bring intellectual depth, luminous writing, abundant compassion, and a nose for news to the beat. She later became assistant science editor, and went on to launch the pioneering environmental coverage pod at the Times. From there, she became a national correspondent, focusing on criminal justice, and science reporter at large.

Sarah Todd was a senior reporter at Quartz. In that role, she wrote about labor and workplace issues. She previously served as social sciences editor — writing and editing stories about psychology, neuroscience, and environmental health, among other subjects — and as deputy ideas editor. While she has ranged widely across coverage areas, Sarah is passionate about health care issues and is practiced at understanding and editing complex medical and scientific articles. She’s helped guide Quartz’s coverage on everything from Silicon Valley immortality research to burnout among nurses.

Sarah Owermohle previously worked on the health care team at Politico, where she delivered smart, scoopy, and ahead-of-the-curve reporting about many topics and was the author of Politico’s health policy newsletter, Politico Pulse. Before joining Politico, Sarah worked as first a political then business reporter in the Middle East and Africa before returning stateside to concentrate on the business of health care for S&P News.



Founded in 2015, STAT is a national digital media brand that focuses on delivering fast, deep, and tough-minded journalism about health, medicine, and the life sciences. STAT takes readers inside academic labs, biotech boardrooms, and political backrooms, casting a critical eye on scientific discoveries, scrutinizing corporate strategies, and chronicling the roiling battles for talent, money, and market share. With an award-winning newsroom, STAT provides indispensable insights and exclusive stories on the technologies, personalities, power brokers, and political forces driving massive changes in the life sciences industry — and a revolution in human health.

STAT’s main newsroom is located in Boston, and it also has reporters in Washington, D.C., New York City, Cleveland, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.