What is STAT Madness?
STAT Madness is a contest in two parts: one, a fan favorite, voted on by you, bracket-style and two, an editors’ pick of the top innovation of 2018 in biomedical science.

Who’s eligible? What’s eligible? 

  • Research performed at any accredited US university or college and published in a peer-reviewed journal in 2018.
  • Research performed at any research institute affiliated with an accredited US university or college, and published in a peer-reviewed journal in 2018.
  • Research performed at any research institute not affiliated with an accredited US university or college, so long as one of the collaborators on the research team is from an accredited US university or college. Published. Peer-reviewed. 2018.

By when do I need to submit my entry?
To be eligible for inclusion in STAT Madness 2019, entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on January 21, 2019.

I work for a stand alone research institute. Can we enter?
Yes, but you can only submit entries in which one of the researchers is a collaborator, or a student or someone tied to a university. It can be a grad student with a joint project between you and their home university, a post-doc collaborating with you, or a professor currently working at an academic institution who is working on the project.

How many entries can we submit?
That depends on how your institution is set up, but in general, each part of your campus that hosts biomedical sciences/health sciences can submit three (3) entries. So, for example, your undergraduate campus can enter up to three innovations from whatever departments or schools comprise it, your medical school can enter three, your graduate school can enter three, your institute for biomedical sciences or similarly-named research segment can enter three, etc. Contact statmadness@statnews.com, with questions.

If we enter a lot, are we guaranteed a spot in the bracket?
No. No guarantees.

What is a bracket?
As is done in many sports, a single-elimination tournament is set up, pairing different teams against each other, with winners advancing from round to round until a final championship game. In STAT Madness, you’ll see the full bracket in front of you, and you’ll vote for your winners in subsequent rounds until the championship.

How do I enter?
Visit https://www.statnews.com/stat-madness to enter!

What happens after I enter?
STAT editorial will review the description you provide (~100 words), along with the peer-reviewed article that details the research. They will then create a short write-up incorporating information from both, which will be included in the STAT Madness bracket if that submission is chosen. A member of the editorial team will reach out to the main point of contact in the application if they have any questions while reviewing the entry.

What do we win?
See here.

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