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What is STAT Plus?

STAT Plus is STAT’s premium subscription service, offering access to exclusive, in-depth coverage. We write about pharma and biotech news on Wall Street, policy developments in Washington, early science and clinical trials, and disruption in health care in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Why subscribe?

STAT Plus is an indispensable resource for biotech, pharma, and health care policy professionals. Here’s what we deliver:

Market-moving biotech insight — from startup funding and partnering, to clinical trial readouts and company analysis.
Profiles of the power players and personalities shaping the industry.
Analysis of the technological breakthroughs and innovations disrupting the industry.
Extensive coverage of Congress, the FDA, the NIH, drug pricing, patent issues, and biopharma lobbying.

What else is included?

Get access to an exclusive set of benefits with STAT Plus, including:

Thousands of articles in our STAT Plus archive.
Twice daily, subscriber-only newsletters to get you briefed on the most important industry news of the day.
STAT Plus Cheat Sheets, which provide key background on technologies and issues in the life sciences.
Exclusive networking events, panel discussions, and industry events. Read a transcript of one of our recent panels.
Regular intelligence briefings with our veteran beat reporters and industry experts on key trends and developments. Watch the latest.
Exclusive interviews with CEOs and other industry leaders.

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