• STAT Plus: STAT Plus is the premium content area found on and includes coverage in biotech, pharmaceuticals, business, and government policy.
  • License: For the purpose of this agreement, license and group subscription will have the same meaning, access and terms and will be referred to as a group license.  STAT Plus will offer “licenses” which serve as a means to execute subscriptions for a group of individual users (more than 1) whom all are part of the same organizations.
  • Authorized User: An authorized user is a current employee (or current student in the case of academic institutions) of the licensing company, organization, institution or association.
  • Registered User: A registered user is an authorized user who has completed the registration process and has confirmed their identity (via email).
  • Valid Email Address: A valid email address for a registered user is one that uses the same URL(s) as provided by the licensing organization (i.e. employee
  • Expected Usage/users: The expected usage is the number of registered users a licensing organization expects to access STAT Plus in a calendar month.
  • Licensing Organization: A licensing organization is an individual company, organization, academic institution, or association.
  • Affiliated Institutions: An affiliated institution of a licensing organization includes any organization legally owned, operated or managed by the licensing organization. Examples include:  The medical school of a licensing university, a subsidiary of a licensing company, companies under a corporate entity that has a STAT Plus license.

STAT Plus Benefits

A STAT Plus group license will give all individuals in the organization access to and be beneficiaries of all STAT Plus subscriber benefits after registering including:

  • On-the-spot analysis of market-moving news
  • Inside intelligence from Capitol Hill
  • Exclusive interviews with CEOs and other industry leaders
  • A first look at early-stage research in labs across the country
  • Insights from our veteran beat reporters, including Pharmalot columnist Ed Silverman and national biotech columnist Adam Feuerstein
  • Complete access to STAT’s substantial archives of biopharma coverage

General Terms and Access

The term for STAT Plus group licenses will be for 12 months from the signing of the agreement.

The Licensing organization will have one primary point of contact for the licensing agreement.  The primary point of contact will be responsible for communicating all STAT Plus benefits, means of registration, and terms & conditions, to constituents who are eligible to register and become authorized users.

Access will be granted to the to all individuals with a valid email address from the subscribing company.

There is no limit to the number of individuals who can register on STAT Plus from a licensing organization, regardless of how many individuals a company thinks will be expected users in a given month.  Any registered, authorized user, can take advantage of all STAT Plus benefits including the STAT Plus emails, Slack channel, and event benefits.

The license cost will be based on the number of expected users in a calendar month by the subscribing organization.

If the number of individuals accessing STAT Plus content from a licensing organization exceeds the agreed to number of expected users by more than 20% for two consecutive months,  STAT will contact the licensing organization and reserves the right to adjust the licensing cost.

For licenses from companies or corporations, access to STAT Plus through a group license is limited to those directly and currently employed by the licensing organization.  Access to STAT Plus cannot be shared with individuals or organizations who are partners, members, vendors, clients or other individuals who are not employees of the subscribing organization.

For academic institutions’ licenses, access is for any individual who is a current, registered student, faculty member, staff member, or affiliated researcher, with a valid email address from the licensing institution.

For an trade organization or member association, access to STAT Plus is limited to those individuals who work directly for the licensing organization or association, with a valid email address from that licensing organization or association, and does not include access for members of the association or organization.

For any company or organization, access to STAT Plus is limited to those individuals who work at the licensing company and not for their clients or prospective clients.
Valid email addresses must be for individual people at an organization.   Password sharing is a violation of the licensing agreement.  Emails that are meant for group access, or infer group access (i.e.,, marketing@CompanyA, etc.) are not permitted and will be monitored.

Access with an email address is limited to that individual, and cannot be shared with other individuals inside or outside of the licensing organization.

A Corporate entity can include any number of affiliated institutions in the overall license.  Academic institution licenses can include overall university access, or access for individual schools (i.e. law school, medical school).  However, the access will only be granted to those other organizational entities whose email addresses are provided by the individual managing the licensing relationship.  STAT is not responsible for knowing if an organization is part of a larger organization that is currently a STAT Plus Licensee.   It is the responsibility of the licensing organization to accurately estimate the monthly estimated of all affiliated institutions or organizations.

A license for an organization is not bound by the location of the organization if it has multiple locations.

Access to and use of content

Authorized Use:

Pursuant to this license, licensee may do or authorize another authorized user to do any of the following:

  • Register for STAT Plus
  • Access STAT Plus content on, the STAT Plus Slack channel, sign up for STAT Plus emails, and take advantage of any other STAT Plus benefit.
  • Search, view, read, and watch any STAT Plus content on
  • Download any content that is expressly designed for download (i.e. PDF reports) and has a clear means on the site to download said content.
  • Print STAT Plus content for individual use by the authorized user
  • The content can be referenced via a link to the article on STAT Plus, where the reader will have access to the first two paragraphs.  In addition to the headline, the visible paragraph(s) can be uses as well as long as there is a corresponding link that directs a reader to the article.  The article must be identified as coming from STAT or STAT Plus.
  • The content may be repackaged as a PDF and used on a company website under a “news”, “in the news” or “about us” portion of website of a company cited in a STAT Plus article with the express written permission of STAT.  STAT will provide the PDF.

Prohibited Uses:

  • This license describes all permitted uses.  Any other use is considered infringement under the copyright act, unless prior written permission has been obtained from STAT.  A prohibited use can result in immediate termination of this license with no refund on licensing fees paid.
  • No one is authorized to email transmit, copy, or distribute STAT or STAT Plus content, or portion thereof, in any manner or for any purpose without STAT’s prior express written permission. In particular, no one may:  create a copy or download of an article or portion thereof; distribute or forward a copy (electronic or otherwise) of any article, material or document obtained on
  • STAT or STAT Plus; reproduce or photocopy any article, material, or document; alter, modify, adapt, or translate any article or material from STAT or STAT Plus; include any article, file, or material in any derivative work or create derivative work from STAT Plus or STAT articles, material or document; re-sell or charge for for STAT Plus content.
    STAT Plus users may not store articles on an internal or external web page accessible to other users.

STAT Plus Slack Channel

The STAT Plus Slack Channel is a closed online discussion area for authorized users who have registered for access to the Slack Channel. The discussion is considered “off the record.” If STAT wishes to use any comments (anonymous or attributed) from the discussion, STAT will reach out directly to the individual for permission. No STAT Plus Slack Channel user is permitted to use, repurpose, or quote any content from any individual in any STAT Plus Slack Channel discussion.  Any breach of this term will result in immediate termination of the user’s access to STAT Plus and the STAT Plus Slack Channel. Any breach in this term may also result in immediate termination of the license for the entire licensing organization.

Any comment by an individual authorized user represents the thoughts or ideas of that individual and not of STAT.
STAT cannot be responsible for the accuracy of any comments made during a STAT Plus discussion.

However, any information presented that is found to be factually incorrect and presented as a means to spread that incorrect information, will result in a warning from STAT to the individual.  A second infraction of presenting false information will result in that individual being terminated from the STAT Plus Slack Channel.
STAT will not allow any abusive, unlawful, or sexually explicit language on the STAT Plus Slack Channel.

STAT Plus Event Benefits

STAT Plus members will have early access to tickets and price discounts (if applicable) to those events.  STAT does host and manage events for other organizations and participates in non-STAT events.  STAT Plus benefits do not extend to licensees or subscribers in either of those situations.


The STAT Plus licensing agreement is for a term of one (1) year from the signing date of the agreement.
The agreement cannot be terminated due to:

  • Lack of use by users at the organization.
  • Disagreement with the content on STAT or STAT Plus

The agreement can be terminated if:

  • The licensing organization has been acquired by another organization that is a current STAT Plus licensee
  • The licensing organization is proceeding through bankruptcy

STAT Termination

STAT may terminate a license for an organization if the organization is found to have breached any of the terms and conditions above.