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A Survey of Health Care Marketers

STAT’s new Pulse Check “A Survey of Health Care Marketers” is here to give health and life sciences marketers an insider view of what their peers are doing for their brands, including audience mix, where budgets are being spent, and which platforms are being used to deploy campaigns.

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What’s inside

Health care is one of the largest and most complex industries, and it is only getting increasingly more complicated due to factors like the lingering effects of COVID-19, the emergence of other infectious diseases, and economic uncertainty.

With these complexities, it is vital for health care brands and organizations to have a strong grasp on their marketing efforts — from budgets and understanding core audiences, to tactics and measuring success — to find ways to educate, engage, and keep both old and new customers.

The report outlines the tactics to connect marketing strategy with success metrics, by keeping some compelling questions in mind:

  • Where do health care marketers direct their marketing budgets?
  • Do health care marketers anticipate receiving a larger budget for 2023?
  • How well do health care organizations believe they track marketing ROI?
  • What are the top challenges impacting marketing programs?

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