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BOSTON β€” STAT is excited to announce that it will unveil the inaugural STATUS List, the most definitive and consequential accounting of leaders in health, medicine, and science, on Feb. 22.

Aided by an expert panel of judges, STAT selected 46 individuals to make the list β€” an homage to the number of chromosomes in human DNA. These figures were drawn from sectors including biotechnology and diagnostics as well as broader arenas like education and policy. Some of the picks are well-known academics or officials; others are unheralded heroes who are the influencers shaping life science. All have compelling stories to tell.

There was no easy prescription for assembling this kind of list.

STAT leaned on its seasoned editorial team to identify and research candidates. In all, reporters and editors selected over 250 names before turning over a pool of finalists to the panel of expert judges to assist in the assembly of the list.

Members of the expert panel included:

  • John Maraganore, former CEO, Alnylam
  • Lisa Suennen, health care investor/operating leader, Venture Valkyrie LLC
  • Peter Kuhn, professor and translational care expert at USC
  • Charlotte Hubbert, former partner at Gates Foundation life sciences venture arm
  • Colin Hill, CEO and co-founder, GNS Healthcare
  • Carol Fulp, CEO of Fulp Diversity

The judges placed special emphasis on selecting people who had taken extra steps to help others and build community in these often-divisive times. Some of their actions focused on addressing patient needs, inventing new tools for finding and treating disease, blazing trails in digital health and medicine, founding and growing companies, opening doors for underrepresented people, and overseeing other programs that enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in a variety of forms.

The months-long process produced a fascinating and diverse list. And it’s an accounting STAT intends to repeat for years to come.



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