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Jason Resendez

President and CEO, National Alliance for Caregiving

The legions of unpaid caregivers who look after sick and aging family members could be key to improving clinical trials that might address their loved one’s conditions. That’s the vision of Resendez, who in July assumed leadership of the National Alliance for Caregiving. It’s an activity with which he has a personal connection: “I grew up watching my mom balance a full-time job while raising three kids and taking care of my grandmother who faced multiple health challenges – a dynamic all too familiar in Latino households,” Resendez wrote upon taking the position. As CEO of the alliance, which includes pharmaceutical companies, patient advocacy groups, and organizations focused on aging, Resendez seeks to make it easier for the 53 million caregivers in the U.S. to help their loved ones join and stick with clinical trials by providing support such as transportation and child care. “Because caregivers are typically the person closest to the participant, they can be crucial allies in both increasing and diversifying clinical trial participation,” Resendez and geriatrician Sharon Inouye wrote in STAT last fall.



  • Washington, DC


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