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Yvonne Greenstreet

CEO, Alnylam

2-time Selection
2-time Selection

In 2022, Greenstreet became CEO of Alnylam, the first company to market a medicine that works via RNA interference. To date, Alnylam has focused on drugs that silence the gene for transthyretin, a liver-secreted protein whose misfolded form causes a range of amyloid diseases. During Greenstreet’s inaugural year at the company’s helm, it presented results from a successful clinical trial using its intravenous drug, patisiran, to treat a rare but increasingly prevalent heart disease and won FDA approval for vutrisiran, which works like patisiran but can be injected subcutaneously. Greenstreet, who also appeared on last year’s inaugural STATUS List, says data expected this year may show whether RNAi therapeutics can also be delivered to tissue outside the liver, thereby offering greater potential to treat conditions like Alzheimer’s and brain microbleeds due to amyloid protein buildup.



  • Cambridge MA


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