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E-book Library How technology is changing the face of medicine

How technology is changing the face of medicine

Sponsored by Wheel

How do hospitals and tech giants safeguard patient data and privacy while advancing biomedical research? What role will artificial intelligence come to play in health care? And how can the companies developing new tools make them more accessible to everyone? 

Those questions were center stage at the 2022 STAT Health Tech Summit, which brought together the most prominent leaders working at the intersection of health and technology. We heard from top thinkers at Apple and Alphabet, leading privacy researchers, and the innovative thinkers behind new startups trying to shake things up. 

This collection of stories lays out the most pressing issues in health care that tech could help solve, the exciting new ideas to make that happen, and the barriers to pulling them off. 

Publication date: July 2022

Print length: 29 pages

File size: 475 KB

File format: PDF

Language: English

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About the sponsor

About the sponsor

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