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E-book Library How technology is shaping the future of health care

How technology is shaping the future of health care

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Technology is rapidly changing the world of health care for both patients and providers. Artificial intelligence tools are being used to diagnose diseases, remote monitoring devices are opening the door to managing disease from a distance, and telemedicine is booming as patients look for more convenient ways to access care.  

Those advances were front and center at this year’s STAT Health Tech Summit, which brought together researchers, policy experts, and top executives working at the intersection of health and technology, including leaders from Google Health, Teladoc, Livongo, 23andMe, and Fitbit. 

Our latest e-book includes all of STAT’s coverage of the event. It also includes stories we feel highlight the rapidly evolving health tech landscape, including a look at how Lyft’s growing health business is trying to close gaps in health care access, and an examination of how AI could reduce existing biases in health care — or exacerbate them.

Publication date: October 2020

Print length: 48 pages

File size: 640 KB

File format: PDF

Language: English

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