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E-book Library Inside health care’s biggest advances in 2021

Inside health care’s biggest advances in 2021

Underwritten by IMO Health

With the rise of algorithms in treatment, wearables in diagnostics, and the cloud in health care data storage, one thing is becoming clear: the ground is shifting under the health care system. And, with the field of health accelerating so rapidly, regulators and researchers are struggling to keep pace.

Our latest e-Book illustrates the dramatic evolution of health care in 2021, shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic, and explores the road ahead.

Publication date: November 2021

Print length: 54 pages

File size: 4.6 MB

File format: PDF

Language: English

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About the sponsor

About the sponsor

Intelligent Medical Objects is a healthcare data enablement company that ensures clinical data integrity and quality—making patient information fit-for-purpose across the healthcare ecosystem, from hospitals to health information exchanges to payers, and beyond. IMO’s vast footprint in EHRs powers our ability to capture and preserve clinical intent at the highest level of specificity. Our secure technology platform and products then help our clients to transform and extract the greatest value from their data. In short, IMO is the catalyst that enables accurate documentation, precise population cohorting, optimized reimbursements, robust analytics, and better care decisions to optimize patient outcomes.