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What if you could anticipate clinical trials outcomes months ahead of time?

STAT Trials Pulse is the most advanced early warning system for clinical trial updates, trusted by the leading hedge funds, pharmaceutical companies, and biotech firms.

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Join the new establishment of data-driven life sciences professionals who see ahead of the news.

There are over 6,800 clinical trials updates every day. Trying to analyze these changes and look for outliers is a staggering undertaking — but is also essential for investment firms and pharmaceutical companies making strategic decisions.

STAT Trials Pulse features

Comprehensive Event Detection

Proprietary algorithms that monitor all clinical trial changes on your behalf, prioritizing and unveiling hidden patterns and insights before they become news.

Real-Time Smart Alerts

An intelligent system that notifies you in real-time of noteworthy updates to the companies and therapeutic areas you care about.

Personalized Email Briefings

A curated digest delivered to your inbox that aggregates all the important information you need in one place.

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Be the first to know about important shifts in clinical trials including roadblocks, results, recruitment activity, regulatory updates, timeline delays, and more.


For individuals life sciences professionals who want to monitor drug development with the same level of sophistication as a large organization.


For groups seeking to accelerate decision making in strategy, competitive positioning and investment opportunities.

STAT x Applied XL Partnership

STAT and Applied XL have partnered to bring you Trials Pulse. Applied XL brings to the table an experienced team of computational journalists and engineers that specialize in real-time information processing. STAT builds on its track record of telling compelling stories in health and medicine, to inform their clinical trials algorithm. By combining the precision of data science with the high standards of journalism, we’ve unlocked a powerful new way to surface the most relevant updates in the clinical trials space.